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Attack with LarryC : Nice Sacs Take Out Sax

Attack with LarryC : Nice Sacs Take Out Sax

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Nice Sacs Take Out Sax

Opening: B07, B96: Pirc, Sicilian Najdorf

Player(s): Luther, Yudasin, Sax, Kestler

Mutual attack on opposite wings. No, it's not something related to an aircraft battle in the sky. It's how the two games Larry shows us today developed: both payers go for an attack on opposite wings, which makes them open to all kind of tactics and shocking quick changes of front. The first game, of which Larry shows the final excellent combination, was played between Thomas Luther and Leonid Yudasin in Budapset, 1989. The second game is a minor classic, played during the Nice Olympiad in 1974 between Gyula Sax and Hans-Guenther Kestler. And, of course, a Nice Sacs take out Sax!

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