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Attack with LarryC : More Past Blasts from Wijk

Attack with LarryC : More Past Blasts from Wijk

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More Past Blasts from Wijk

Opening: D41: Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Tarrasch

Player(s): Korchnoi, Najdorf

The Tata Steel tournament in Wjik aan Zee is underway, proving to be a very interesting event. Caruana is in the lead after 4 rounds, with 3 points, followed by a howling pack of super strong GMs ready to take over. Hou Yifan, the only woman in the line-up, is at +1, which makes the tournament even more interesting. The World Champion drew the first 4 games, but we all know Magnus: he can pull the rabbit out of the hat at any moment, and go on to a win-mode that is usually unstoppable. Today is a rest day, and as usual we suffer from withdrawal when there are these important events. But ICC is not letting you down, as Larry today decided to go on with the second installment of his wandering through old games played in Wjik aan Zee. After a nice combo played in the 1969 edition, Larry presents us the main dish. And it's sumptuous: Korchnoi vs. Najdorf, from the 1971 edition. Two chess legends, who need no introduction. That year Korchnoi won the Hogoovens tournament with 10 points out of 15. It was his second of two wins in Wjik aan Zee, after his triumph in 1968. Najdorf was not in his prime - he was 61 at the time - and the much younger and stronger Korchnoi showed all his chess power in this fantastic game.

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