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Attack with LarryC : Meek Shall Inherit the Whirlwind

Attack with LarryC : Meek Shall Inherit the Whirlwind

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Meek Shall Inherit the Whirlwind

Opening: B05, B03: Alekhine's Defense

Player(s): Kobalia, Nalbandian, Clark, Burgess

In the last week our commentators have been analyzing a lot of games from the London Chess Classic super tournament. Most of the games are characterized by highly theoretical openings, such as the Berlin, the Sicilian and the Slav. Today is the only rest day in London, and our Master Tactician GM Larry Christiansen brings to us some much lighter and entertaining examples. Larry analyzes two brilliant attacking games, commentating them with his usual witty and passionate style. You got to love Larry's way to describe a position. In the first game, an old-style Alekhine defense which leads to a horrible position, Larry commentates a moment in the game as follows: 'This shows why this variation of the Alekhine defense belongs to the dinosaurs; only a mother could like Black's position here'. Don't miss another great installment of 'Attack with LarryC!'.

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