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Attack with LarryC : King-wrecking from Reykjavik

Attack with LarryC : King-wrecking from Reykjavik

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King-wrecking from Reykjavik

Opening: D37, : QGD, Sicilian Najdorf, Sicilian Najdorf Zagreb

Player(s): Navara, Berg Hansen, Bologan, Wojtaszek, Naiditsch, Esen

The 20th edition of the European Championship for Teams is taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland. It's being played in the very same place in which, in 1972, Bobby Fischer shattered the Russian hegemony in the chess world, beating Boris Spassky. Carlsen, who is the first Western Champion after Fischer, is not having a good time in the famous hall, having lost two games in a quite unusual way. But, despite Carlsen's problems, the tournament is offering a lot of interesting and spicy games. GM Larry Christiansen in today's instalment of his show, analyzes for us three games form the European Team Championship. Larry starts with a fantastic combo, with veteran GM Bologan from Moldova taking on strong Polish GM Wojtaszek; second game is an amazing attacking shot played by the former German GM, now playing for Azerbaijan, Naiditsch. Naiditsch is known to be a strong attacker, and he's appeared often in Larry's show. GM Christiansen concludes with a rare win of the black side of the QGD, where Danish GM Berg Hansen wipes out of the board the much stronger GM David Navara of Czech Republic.

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