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Attack with LarryC : Blatny Busts Ponziani Scheme

Attack with LarryC : Blatny Busts Ponziani Scheme

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Blatny Busts Ponziani Scheme

Opening: C44, D03: Ponziani Opening, Torre Attack

Player(s): Kranzl, Blatny, Anand, Mohr

With this episode GM Larry Christiansen concludes his mini-series on attacking weakened castled positions. Larry opens his show with a game from 1988, in which a young and - of course! - promising Vishy Anand finds himself on the receiving end of a furious attack, after the then-to-be World Champion castles a bit too early in the game. Then our tactician moves on to a classic attacking game, where Blatny punishes his opponent's sluggish opening. Another great episode of 'Attack with LarryC!'

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