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Attack with LarryC : Alexander’s Greats

Attack with LarryC : Alexander’s Greats

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Alexander’s Greats

Opening: D12, B90: QGD Slav, Sicilian Najdorf

Player(s): Khalifman, Ehlvest, Jakovenko, Huzman

When there is an attacking formation on the board, with opposite castling, what's needed is a ruthless search for forcing and decisive moves. It's useless to fool around with less incisive moves; only an alchemical mix of calculated courage and a spark of recklessness can lead to victory. In the main game of his show, GM Larry Christiansen analyzes a fantastic and extremely complicated battle played at the World Club Cup recently concluded in Skopje, Macedonia. Israeli GM Alexander Huzman finds the resources to play a memorable game against the much higher rated - and great attacking player - GM Dmitry Jakovenko of Russia. Don't miss this instructive and entertaining modern classic. As an appetizer, Larry shows us a brilliant combination played 30 years ago, in a game between two players who need no introduction: Khalifman and Ehlvest. Another great episode of 'Attack with LarryC!'.

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