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Attack with LarryC : A Korchnoi Classic

Attack with LarryC : A Korchnoi Classic

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A Korchnoi Classic

Opening: D25, B76: QGA, Sicilian: Dragon - Yugoslav Attack

Player(s): Korchnoi, Petersons, Sorgic, Saraci

Today Larry takes us fifty years back, to show an amazing minor classic payed by the great Korchnoi, in the 1964 USSR Championship. One of the most important aspects of a tactical shot is the surprise. If you are able to make your opponent believe that nothing huge is going to happen, and then you drop the ace suddenly and ruthlessly, the blow is usually lethal. Larry opens the show with a pretty combo from a game played by two relatively low-rated players, which illustrates how amazing tactic is possible at any level.

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