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Attack with LarryC : A Fab Lift & Epic Chaos from Two Ladies

Attack with LarryC : A Fab Lift & Epic Chaos from Two Ladies

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A Fab Lift & Epic Chaos from Two Ladies

Opening: B12, B33: Caro-Kann defense, Siclian : Pelican - Sveshnikov

Player(s): Bodnaruk, Danielian, Faibisovich, Reshko

Today our GM Larry Christiansen analyzes a couple of very interesting games, both good examples of forceful attacking play. The games are totally different though: in the first one, two strong ladies (an IM vs. a WGM), create what we're not used to see on the chess board in modern times: chaos! Today chess at high level is preparation, slight advantages and long struggling endgames (Carlsen docet); the two ladies go for a totally chaotic middlegame, where the possibilities are nearly infinite. Only time trouble - and probably tiredness due to the crazy position - lead to a fatal mistake which ends the amazing game. The second game Larry shows us is much calmer, but presents one of Larry's most loved motifs: the rook lift; and this time it's a double lift, which neatly puts an end to the fight. Enjoy another great episode of 'Attack with LarryC!'

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