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Attack with LarryC : Electric Qatar

Attack with LarryC : Electric Qatar

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Electric Qatar

Opening: B90: Sicilian: Najdorf, Adams attack

Player(s): Hou, Yifan, Esen

The Qatar Masters Open has been one of the most interesting tournaments of the year. It seems we'd need many more Opens like this, with the top guns putting at stake their rating and ego, facing a bunch of pretty strong players who usually don't get any chance to face the elite. Magus Carlsen won the event convincingly, after a start that sent the socials into a Lunar orbit, when IM and WGM Nino Batsiashvili held the great Magnus to a draw. But then Magnus showed the world who's da boss, finishing the tournament with a very good 7 out of 9, destroying his Chinese opponent Yangyi Yu in the playoffs and gaining a good lot of rating points. GM Larry Christiansen, in this episode of his weekly show, offers us a recap of the tournament, analyzing four of the most entertaining attacking games. After three very nice combos, Larry checks for us an amazing game, played between the Chinese talent Hou Yifan and the Turkish GM Baris Esen. A wild battle, with opposite castling, attack and counter-attack, tons of tactics and traps set by the two players... one of the most entertaining games of this year. Happy New Year to everybody! Larry will be back with us in 2016.

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