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CHESSBASE 17 - Mega Package - *DIGITAL*

CHESSBASE 17 - Mega Package - *DIGITAL*

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Chessbase 17 - Mega Package

ChessBase is a personal, stand-alone chess database that has become the standard throughout the world. Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more.

  • ChessBase 17 Program (Multi-Language Version: EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, GER)
  • Mega Database 2023
  • Database-Update-Service through end of 2023
  • access to the Live-Database (9,75 million games) *
  • ChessBase Magazine subscription for a full year (6 issues)
  • Full year Premium membership for playchess and for the ChessBase Accounts
  • 250 ChessBase Ducats

New in ChessBase 17:
• New data format: fewer files, more functions, more comfort, more speed.
• Engine analysis renovated: Variants are automatically verbally annotated, forced continuations are recognized,
“buddy heuristics” for greater search depth!
• Pearl search: Find spectacular games instantly! Beautiful games are marked in the database list.
• Optimised program interface: high-resolution 2D board, faster graphics.
• New clearer search mask: material & positional searches simplified, immediate feedback on expected results.
• Intelligent position input: when setting up pieces, you are shown the games where those positions occur.
• Dozens of detail improvements for improved usability, e.g. automatic loading of the last edited game.
• Control via One-Drive: all database paths can be set in the options dialogue.
• Newly structured game notation: with intelligent folding and symbols.
• Modern integrated browser for all database texts.
• More insight: Visualisation of attack correlations (optional).
• Dark Mode: darkened program interface.

System requirements: Pentium PC, 1 GB RAM, Windows 11, 10 or 8.1 and Fritz 18, 17, 16 or ChessBase 17, 16 or 15 .

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