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Chess Strategy Mastery with GM Bryan Smith

Chess Strategy Mastery with GM Bryan Smith

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Chess Strategy Mastery with GM Bryan Smith

Why to Learn Strategy?

Why some club players make quick progress and quickly jump from novice and intermediate to expert and beyond… while many others get stuck at 1400 for decades and barely progress?

Is that because they are:

  • Super smart?
  • Natural-born chess players?
  • Geniuses with a sub-160 IQ?
  • Training for 80 hours a week?

Nope, not at all.

They simply follow the two-step system: LEARN and APPLY. If you learn the important ideas and apply it in your games, your results will skyrocket.

Those who do it faster than others become Masters and even Grandmasters.

The only missing ingredient is… what to learn?

You can spend months or even years learning things that will not produce any major impact on your game. Those are the things that the “average” players do and get the “average” results.

That’s clearly not what you want.

There is one thing contributing greatly to chess success that majority club players overlook … and that is the strategy!

The strategy is a roadmap leading straight to your goal. If you don’t have one, even the fastest car in the world won’t help you in reaching your destination. In chess, lack of strategy will prevent you from winning in 90%of the times.

In contrast, understanding and applying strategy will help you beating much stronger opponents.

What’s this course is about?

A world’s renowned chess expert, GM Bryan Smith compiled over a decade of his experience as a player and coach creating a “university level” course on chess strategy.

Instead of focusing on typical things that don’t work for a least 80% of club players, GM Smith gives you the exact tools and techniques that are proven to work for himself and many dozens of his private students.

With this course, you will experience the smoothest and fastest transformation to a chess champion! Add powerful GM Smith’s strategies into your game, and leave all your chess buddies far behind!

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