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Ace Up Your Sleeve - 1. e4 repertoire - by IM Michael Rahal

Ace Up Your Sleeve - 1. e4 repertoire - by IM Michael Rahal

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In recent years, openings theory has evolved so much that it’s become increasingly difficult to decide between the tangle of lines, analysis and variations. It's a struggle even for Grandmasters to keep up with it all, not to mention club players!

It’s no coincidence that the World Champion Magnus Carlsen often plays secondary lines to achieve a less-known middle game position and sidestep his opponent’s preparation. His incredible quality often allows him to accumulate small advantages in the late middlegame and endgame which he then converts to victory. But how many Carlsen’s are there in the world?

Bearing this in mind, International Master Michael Rahal has devised a fantastic and brand NEW opening repertoire for White with 1.e4, aimed especially at club level and tournaments players. All the variations he has chosen have the same characteristics, namely they are lines with a solid reputation and thus not easy to refute over the board. They are aggressive initiative-seeking lines, and not being main lines, they also pack an element of surprise.

Watch the FREE introductory video to this new series starring Grandmaster Miguel Illescas and International Master Michael Rahal. 

Turn your opening arsenal into a deadly weapon

The Ace up your Sleeve video series, is a collection of 57 videos that will turn your opening arsenal into a deadly weapon. The slightest mistake mistake and your opponents will be in a ton of trouble, or outright crushed in the opening. You will not have to memorize long lines and analysis! This is one of the main keys of the repertoire! Thanks to Michael Rahal's extensive study of each system, you will only have to consider what is strictly necessary. With these instructive and easy to assimilate videos you will be surprising opponents and winning more games every day!

Ace up your Sleeve (Content):

1. The 5.Bd3 Gambit against the Caro-Kann (5 videos)

2. The Wing Gambit against the French (6 videos)

3. The Ruy Lopez Center Attack (6 videos)

4. The “Inverted Budapest Gambit” against the Scandinavian (5 videos)

5. The Morra Gambit againt the Sicilian (20 videos)

6. The Austrian Attack against the Pirc (5 videos)

7. Aggressive ideas against the Nimzowitsch (2 videos)

8. The Voronech variation against the Alekhine (8 videos)

About Michael Rahal

International Master Michael Rahal is one of the most experienced and well-known chess coaches in Spain. He has successfully competed in many international tournaments throughout Europe, and is currently Head Chess Coordinator for Miguel Illescas' – EDAMI Chess School. He is also one of the top coaches of the Catalan Chess Federation, and has helped train many of the regions top upcoming players.

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