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GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Espisode 24

GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Espisode 24

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GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 24
Opening: C92, A30, B10, D37, E21:
Player(s): Short, Blomqvist, Grandelius, Short. Eljanov, Inarkiev, Nakamura, Mamedyarov, Adams
Mamedyarov is living his golden moment: after his great victory in the Gashimov Memorial only weeks ago, now he's leading the second 2017 FIDE Grand Prix being played in Moscow, Russia. And, in the live rating list, Mamedyarov just broke the 2800 barrier, becoming the 30th player in history to achieve such a high rating. GM Joel shows some of the games from the Grand Prix, delighting us with his precise and brilliant analysis. In the 23rd Sigeman & C tournament, another chess legend tried to set an impressive record: be the first player over 50 to achieve a 2700+ rating. Nigel Short, unfortunately, had a disappointing tournament and did not succeed. The great Nigel has got a year of time to break that record, that is until Boris Gelfand will be 50, in June 2018. GM Benjamin shows us some of the most interesting games from the Sigeman tournament. Another great episode of GM Joel's chess week recap!

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