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GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Espisode 18

GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Espisode 18

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GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 18
Opening: A07, D11, C07, E60, B30:
Player(s): Ding, Yu, So, Shabalov, Kamsky, Akobian, Foisor, Yip, Jones, Pichot
After some weeks of almost total inactivity, the chess world woke up, with a number of tournaments. First of all the US championships, which took off on March the 29th. Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura are the favorites, but there are several strong players ready to give them grief. GM Joel shows us a couple of games from the first two rounds. The Women's Championship looks interesting this year, with the best players of the country ready to battle for the title. Then Joel moves on to Sharjah, for the strong open. The last game Joel analyzes for us today is from the Du Te Cup 2017, being played in Shenzhen, China

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