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Game Of the Week:GM So vs. GM Fedorchuk

Game Of the Week:GM So vs. GM Fedorchuk

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GM So vs. GM Fedorchuk

Opening: A27: English: three knights system

Player(s): So, Fedorchuk

Three-time U.S. Champion GM Joel Benjamin brings you a new show every Friday at 15:00 Server Time. Joel is regarded by many as one of the best commentators and analysts' we have in the game today -- so if you want to get ahead of the game, get ready to tune-in!

The German Bundesliga has the biggest reputation, but the French Top 12 club championship also has its share of big name players. Anish Giri's Bischwiller easily took first ahead of Clichy, with Wesley So on top board. So had to endure a rating hiccup in the last round when he fell at the hands of veteran Ukrainian grandmaster Sergey Fedorchuk. Fedorchuk's provocative opening play drew an appropriately aggressive response, but while attempting to prosecute his advantage, So surprisingly saw his position completely collapse.

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