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Game Of the Week: IM Dale vs. GM Wei

Game Of the Week: IM Dale vs. GM Wei

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IM Dale vs. GM Wei

Opening: E52: Nimzo-Indian

Player(s): Dale, Wei

Three-time U.S. Champion GM Joel Benjamin brings you a new show every Friday at 15:00 Server Time. Joel is regarded by many as one of the best commentators and analysts' we have in the game today -- so if you want to get ahead of the game, get ready to tune-in!

The traditional Wijk aan Zee tournament, now sponsored by Tata Steel, provides an interesting mix of players of different styles and levels. This is certainly true in the B Group, which sprinkles in a few established veterans with a host of young players.
The veterans are not necessarily the Goliaths. The second youngest player in the field, 15-year-old Wei Yi of China took first place, and it wasn't much of a surprise, even on the Elo scale. But young Mr. Wei had his hands full in his contest with the lowest rated player in the field, Australian IM Ari Dale. Dale won an amateur qualifier to earn a spot in the B group. One year older but nearly a 400 point underdog, Dale threw the kitchen sink at Wei Yi, producing a short but highly complicated and entertaining struggle.

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