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Game Of the Week: GM Shirov vs. GM Dubov

Game Of the Week: GM Shirov vs. GM Dubov

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GM Shirov vs. GM Dubov

Opening: A56: Benoni

Player(s): Shirov, Dubov

Three-time U.S. Champion GM Joel Benjamin brings you a new show every Friday at 15:00 Server Time. Joel is regarded by many as one of the best commentators and analysts' we have in the game today -- so if you want to get ahead of the game, get ready to tune-in!

The Nutcracker Match of the Generations in Moscow pitted youth versus experience. The Kings team of veteran grandmasters narrowly edged the up and coming Princes.

The old-timers had an interesting mix of strategists (Leko and Dreev) and risk takers (Morozevich and Shirov). The last named was the hero of this week's battle against 18-year-old Daniil Dubov of Russia. In the Benoni, a slight error in timing can make all the difference. In the middlegame, Black had the opportunity to evict or trade White's advanced rook, or create an important kingside weakness. He accomplished both, but in a way insufficient to equalize the position.

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