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Game Of the Week: GM Sutovsky vs. GM Jobava

Game Of the Week: GM Sutovsky vs. GM Jobava

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GM Sutovsky vs. GM Jobava

Opening: B27: Sicilian

Player(s): sutovsky, Jobava

Three-time U.S. Champion GM Joel Benjamin brings you a new show every Friday at 15:00 Server Time. Joel is regarded by many as one of the best commentators and analysts' we have in the game today -- so if you want to get ahead of the game, get ready to tune-in!

The ACP Golden Classic in Bergamo, Italy may not have some of the luster and tradition of Dortmund and Biel, two tournaments that are being played concurrently, but it has invited some players that are good bang for the buck.

Baduur Jobava of Georgia has developed quite a reputation for enterprising play, with an often bizarre opening repertoire designed to take the game out of book early. In this week's game Jobava waves the red flag in front of the proverbial bull, Israeli GM Emil Sutovsky. Sutovsky is a straight-ahead, go-for-it-all type player; he met Jobava's provocation with predictable gusto. It's kill or be killed; tune in to find out who was the bug, and who was the windshield.

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