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Trompowsky Attack: Vaganian Gambit (3 part series)

Trompowsky Attack: Vaganian Gambit (3 part series)

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The Trompowsky Attack with 1 d4 Nf6 2 Bg5 - named after the Brazilian master, Octavio Trompowsky (1897-1984) - has risen from relative obscurity to become a popular opening due to its often wild complications. One of the key lines against the Tromp is 2 ..c5 3 d5 Qb6 where White has the option of the very aggressive Vaganian Gambit - named after the very strong Soviet player Rafael Vaganian, who played it in the early 1970s - with 4 Nc3!? Qxb2 Bd2. The idea is to activate all of white's pieces and make use of the open lines and space for an all-out attack. And in a new series of Gambit Guide for ICC Chess.FM, GM Boris Alterman evaluates the latest developments in the Vaganian Gambit.

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