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Sicilian Nimzowitsch (2 part series)

Sicilian Nimzowitsch (2 part series)

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The Sicilian Nimzowitsch (or Nimzo-Rubinstein) variation with 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nf6!? is a relatively rare bird on the chess scene with some saying it’s on the verge of being unsound. But it’s a provocative line with great surprise value; and after 3 e5 often leads to sharp gambit-play that can pack quite a punch to the unwary facing it. In his latest Gambit Guide series, GM Boris Alterman reviews the standing of the variation - and he even includes a look at how not to play it with the now infamous Becerra-Nakamura game recently in the USCL here on ICC, where the US Champion misplayed it to spectacularly lose in just 12 moves!

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