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Essential Guide to Middle Game Mastery, by GM Boris Alterman

Essential Guide to Middle Game Mastery, by GM Boris Alterman

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Nowadays, everyone is super prepped up in openings, you might be too, and you’re likely getting good positions out of them, but it’s in the middle game where battles are decided. In this magnificent video series, GM Alterman (ELO 2611) carefuly takes you through all the key aspects and secrets of middle game play.

In this series you’re not only going to learn the essentials of middle play, you’re going to master critical topics such as:

The Positional Sacrifice, when a quiet sacrifice can create permanent and lasting damaging to your opponent’s position.  

The Art of Defense, you’ll learn all the resources you have to deflect your rivals attack with 6 videos on the often ignored but hugely important topic.

Strong outposts,  find how to create and exploit strong outposts.

Opposite side castling attacks, always exciting but hard to master, GM Alterman shows you how to deal and win these attacks.

And so much more!

Imagine what’s going to happen when a club player gets familiar and masters these concepts in tournament or online play. Their unsuspecting rivals get torn apart!

In total you’ll receive an amazing pack of over 70 videos, with 34+ hours of amazing instructional material. All in a super pack which is by far the best value option.
A truly awesome collection that we’re sure will help you reach master level!

Here’s the complete product content. Middle game mastery made yours.  

  • Power pawns (4 videos)
  • Good versus Bad bishop (4 videos)
  • Bishop pair advantage (8 videos)
  • Exploiting open files (7 videos)
  • The Positional sacrifice (7 videos)
  • Queenside Attack (6 videos)
  • Space Advantage (6 videos)
  • Strong Outpost (6 videos)
  • The Art of Defense (6 videos)
  • Opposite Side Castling Attack (6 videos)
  • Passed pawns (5 videos)
  • Rook on the 7th rank (6 videos)
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