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IM Artiom Tsepotan

IM Artiom Tsepotan

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Hello! My name is IM Artiom Tsepotan from Ukraine. My best students have been 2012 Women’s World Champion, GM Anna Ushenina, and the youngest ever US National Master (at 9y 3m 22d), Liran Zhou. I hold a Master's Degree in Education and have been a Top-10 ICC teacher since 2006.

Do you feel that you are stuck at the same level, don’t know how to improve and wonder why chess engines can’t really help you? 'I have many, many chess books and software but I find myself jumping around and not staying on track', one student said.

I am convinced that examining your games is the key to improving your chess skills. Our chess study plan will depend on identifying your chess weaknesses from your recent games.

Check what my students say at

After every lesson, I send material and set tasks that are designed to remedy your weaknesses.

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